Lowengrip Healthy Glow Body Scrub 125ml

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Smooth, supple limbs are the goal, but for those with sensitive skin, body scrubs can be a bit of a minefield. If the sound of a harsh, abrasive scrub makes your skin crawl, but you still crave the soft, silky texture of fresh exfoliated skin - the Lowengrip Healthy Glow Body Scrub is the body exfoliant for you. Not only does this the Scandi-minimalist design of this make a chic addition to your #shelfie, the hydrating and skin-brightening properties will have your skin feeling as smooth as freshly laundered sheets on a Sunday morning, and the warming scent will have you and those closest to you lingering around to get a sweet whiff of lush honey and musk.

What makes Lowengrip Healthy Glow - Body Scrub so special?

  • Smooth skin texture and tone without irritation
  • Hydrate as you scrub!
  • Lustrous finish to the skin for J-Lo vibes
  • Heavenly Honey + Musk scent - this product has a complex scent with top notes of orange and citrus, heart notes of iris and musk and base notes of vanilla, milk, honey and cane sugar
  • Pre and probiotics to strengthen your skins natural barrier


What key ingredients does Lowengrip Healthy Glow - Body Scrub contain?

  • MICRO PROskin to add pre and probiotics to your body’s hydration regime
  • Beta carotene to smooth and add radiance

Who is the Lowengrip Healthy Glow - Body Scrub best suited for?.

Suitable for all skin types, even those who tend towards sensitivity.