The Me Time Box

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This is the perfect box for a bit of luxury self indulgence. 

The Lowengrip Healthy Glow Body Scrub is moisturizing skin care that adds a healthy glow and provides a more even skin structure. Contains MICRO PROskin, a combination of prebiotics and probiotics that gives the skin lustre with a structuring and smoothing effect. 

Elevate the mundanity of the humble shower by enveloping your skin in the rich and nourishing embrace of the Lowengrip Healthy Glow Shower Cream. Let the sweet scent and creamy texture help you to float away - at least until the shower runs cold! Featuring the addition of pre and probiotics to enhance your skin’s natural barrier function, your skin will feel comfortable, glowy and refreshed - and all before your morning coffee.

Like a sensual, rich and nourishing cashmere blanket draped over your skin, this effortlessly chic body balm is a beautiful experience to apply and will look equally at home in a curated beauty cabinet as it will by your bedside. While you’ll want to slather this as you slip into bed for its comforting aroma, you’ll also want to use it during the day or for special occasions as the glow it imparts on your skin will lengthen your limbs, smooth the appearance of mottled skin tone and give you supermodel-like limbs that will be the envy of all who see - and touch! - them.

The Ava & Coco Foaming Cleanser is a daily cleanser to gently exfoliate your face. Formulated with a combination of fruit enzymes and exfoliating acids.

The Ava & Coco is a 2-in-1 masque-scrub that will deeply hydrate your face while gently exfoliate dead skin cells from the surface. Formulated with high quality anti-inflammatory plants oils and extracts.

The Makooa Rose Quartz Facial Roller  will help reduce puffiness (especially around the eyes), cool and calm irritated/inflamed skin, improve blood circulation, promote lymphatic drainage, improve skin elasticity, and relieve facial tension. Makooa Rose Quartz Rollers will have you feeling refreshed, pampered and give that healthy glow and bounce your skin has been craving!



Contents of this box:

Lowengrip Body Scrub: RRP $49

Lowengrip Shower Cream: RRP $29

Lowengrip Body Balm: RRP $39

Ava & Coco Foaming Cleanser: RRP $29.95

Ava & Coco Detox Masque: RRP $57.90


Makooa Rose Quartz Facial Roller: RRP $37.99